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Administrator's Reports to the Partnership

The Administrator's Report to the Partnership includes updates on legislation, grant programs, the budget, and information about other activities.

Spring 2009

  • Message from the CSREES Administrator
  • Looking Ahead to Agriculture in the 21st Century
    • Nutrition & Family Sciences
    • Big Things on the Horizon for 4-H
    • The Growing Importance of Legal and Social Issues in Agriculture
    • A Shrinking World
    • Choices, Consequences & Distribution
    • Business & Social Issues
    • Workforce Development Information & Integration


November 2008

  • Message from the CSREES Administrator
  • Transformative Graduate Education in Natural Resources and Environment
  • Expanding Education to Support Sustainable Agriculture
  • The Next Big Thing
  • The American Competitive Initiative: Responding to a Climate of Change and Challenge
  • Coming Soon: Academic Summit Report
  • CSREES Leadership for Global Change and Climate Research, Education, and Extension


Summer 2008

  • Message from the CSREES Administrator
  • Integrated Programs Sets the Focus for Stakeholder-Driven Research
  • CSREES Addresses Critical and Emerging Pest and Disease Issues with Targeted Grant Program
  • Lessons Learned from the Spinach Recall of 2006
  • It's called ipmPIPE
  • CSREES: A Critical Partner in the USDA Energy Research, Education, and Extension Strategic Plan
  • CSREES Partners Work to Stem Tide of CCD
  • Microbial Genomics is Transforming Our Understanding of Agriculturally Important Microorganisms
  • Extension Programming Anticipates Community Educational Needs
  • EDEN: Working Out Tomorrow's Disasters Today
  • Ag in the Classroom Meets Educational Needs
  • The Impact of Your Outcomes Fuels Future Budgets
  • One Solution Develops Electronic Standard Report Prototype


November 2007

  • Message from the CSREES Administrator
  • Grants.gov Paves Way Toward Paperless Grant Application Process
  • eXtension nears Public Launch and Celebration
  • CSREES and USDA Forest Service Partner to Prepare Forestry Graduates for the Future
  • National Needs Graduate Fellowship Grants Program Update
  • Higher Education: Past Success Shines Light on Bright Future
  • International Ag: Key to America’s Future
  • Advanced Engineering Systems a Must for Specialty Crop Industries
  • Nanotechnology: Coming Up Large for 21st Century Agriculture


  • Message from the CSREES Administrator
  • Stakeholders Share Responsibility For Steering CSREES' Direction
  • CSREES Collaborates With Partners To Meet Stakeholder Needs
  • Stakeholder Input Leads to NRI Coordinated Agriculture Project Success
  • Stakeholder Input Sets Tone For Specialty Crop Strategic Planning
  • Honey Bee Die-Off Drives Collaborative Research, Development, and Application Effort
  • EFNEP Partners With 1890s To Expand Nutrition Information
  • Stakeholder Input Has Been Vital to PIPE Development
  • National Plant Diagnostic Network: Success Comes From Stakeholders
  • Stakeholder Input Leads to Extension Success
    • Stakeholder Input -- Extension
    • Stakeholder Input -- 4-H
    • Stakeholder Input -- Operation: Military Kids and Deployment
  • NPL Liaison Program Update
  • Agency Welcomes New Faces to Leadership Positions


November 2006

  • Message from the CSREES Administrator
  • CSREES Pest Information Platform for Education and Extension
  • CSREES’ Critical Role in Bioenergy Research and Initiatives
  • Science, Engineering, and Technology Youth Education Update
  • Scientists and Engineers in Agriculture — Workforce Issues
  • Update on CSREES Nutrition Initiatives
  • New CSREES Director’s Vision for Planning and Accountability
  • CSREES NPL Liaison Structure Up and Running
  • Update on CSREES’s Office of Extramural Programs


Summer 2006

  • Message from the CSREES Administrator
  • CSREES' First Nationwide Customer Service Satisfaction Survey
  • CSREES Grants.gov Update
  • One Solution: One Step at a Time
  • EDEN and Preparedness Research Update
  • Biobased Research and Development
  • CSREES Integrated Programs Solve Today's Problems
  • CSREES-Funded Obesity Research Update
  • CSREES IR-4 Project Accomplishments for FY 2005
  • CSREES Water Quality Integrated Program: A Success Story


Fall 2005

  • USDA-CSREES Response to Avian Influenza (AI)
  • State Liaison Program Being Established
  • Extension Disaster Education Network (EDEN) Update
  • CSREES-Funded Projects Address Socio-Economic Aspects of Louisiana’s Coastal Wetlands
  • CSREES Homeland Security Effort Update
  • CSREES CYFAR and 4-H Military Partnerships Build Extension Capacity
  • Texas Cooperative Extension and the Cornell Family Life Development Center Update Operation READY (Resources for Educating About Deployment and You) for Army Commanders, Soldiers, and Families
  • One Solution Initiative Update
  • Rural Families Speak: CSREES-Funded Multistate Longitudinal Research Project Tracks the Well-Being and Function of Rural Low Income Families in an Era of Welfare Reform
  • IRM Back in Biotech Risk RFA
  • Grants.gov Update
  • CSREES Helps Fund Upcoming National Workshop on Agricultural Air Quality Issues
  • CSREES Helps Fund the Upcoming Youth Technology Leadership Conference


Summer 2005

  • Status of Senate Mark Up on FY 2006 Agricultural Appropriations Bill
  • CSREES Select New CSREES Science Policy and Legislative Affairs Advisor
  • Ensuring CSREES' Messages Reach Our Audience
  • Future Direction for ECS
  • Applications Submitted Via Grants.gov Scheduled for Fall 2006
  • Journey to Pacific Via Partners Video Magazine
  • One Solution Implementation Begins
  • CSREES Coordinated Agricultural Projects Link Research, Extension and Stakeholder Community Resources to Tackle Three Animal Disease Challenges
  • CSREES Sponsorship Helped Guayule-Based Natural Latex Reach Commercialization
  • CSREES Support Helps Development of Green Metalworking Fluid
  • New Legal Education Program Curriculum
  • CSREES Partners with CMS to Educate Underserved Communities


Winter 2005

  • CSREES Nanotechnology—New Scientific Frontier for Addressing Critical Agricultural and Food Issues
  • CSREES’ Role in Family and Human Development
  • Community Food Projects Competitive Grant Program
  • CYFAR 2005 Conference in Boston
  • New Financial Security Curriculum Joins eXtension Prototype
  • A Multi-State Coordinating Committee for Planting Breeding Proposed
  • Priester Extension Health Conference is April 12-15
  • CSREES Develops Research Agenda for Perchlorate in Agricultural Products
  • Lead 21 National Leadership Development Program Begins June 2005
  • 2005 CSREES Administrative Officers' Meeting and the 2005 National Diversity Conference Coincide in April 2005
  • National Extension Family Life Specialist Biennial Conference to be Held in Washington, D.C.
  • Public Research and Regulatory Review of Small-Market Biotechnology-Derived Crops


Fall 2004

  • CSREES Honors Ten with Inauguration of Hall of Fame
  • CSREES Increases Knowledge of Agriculturally Important Microorganisms through Genomics
  • Trade Adjustment Assistance for Farmers (and Fishermen) Adds New Constituents to Extension Service
  • Phills Completes IPA, CSREES and ARS Release Collaboration Report
  • National Survey to Gauge Customer Satisfaction Planned
  • CSREES-ECOP Joint Task Force on Managing a Changing Portfolio
  • The 1890 Agroforestry Consortium Takes Off
  • 4-H Youth Figure Heavily in GPS and Mapping Projects
  • Genomics Events, Reports, and RFA Announced
  • MyMoney Launches New Website and Toll-Free Hotline
  • One Solution Ramps Up for 2005
  • NACDEP is Newest Professional Organization for Extension
  • E-Grants Continue to Advance within CSREES
  • CEAP Studies Environment in Collaboration with ARS, NRCS


Summer 2004

  • Celebrating a decade of discovery
  • CSREES' role in addressing overweight and obesity in the United States
  • CSREES: A vital homeland security link
  • E-Extension update
  • The 2004 National Public Policy Education Conference
  • New CSREES exhibit honors 10 years of land-grant university status for tribal colleges
  • CSREES/ANR Leader Exchange Program continues
  • Collaboration yielding important new biobased products
  • Crop protection, animal health, and forestry compendia from CAB International available on-line
  • Agriculture Secretary renews Forestry Research Advisory Council


Spring 2004

  • CSREES launches new web site, improved communication tool
  • Developing society-ready graduates and human capital for tomorrow’s agriculture
  • Enhancing protection, safety of the nation’s agriculture, food supply is priority for research and education
  • A natural resource retrospective from 2014—looking back to look ahead
  • Enhancing economic opportunities for agricultural producers through flexible leadership, innovation
  • Improving the nation’s nutritional and health status
  • Change marks the future of rural America
  • Budget, performance integration and portfolio assessment keys to planning the future
  • CSREES positions itself as leader in doing business electronically