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2012 Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Phase I Grants

Forests and Related Resources

Xiomas Technologies, L.L.C., Ypsilanti, Mich., $100,000.  Researchers will create a flexible airborne imaging system with sensors that can be used in wildfire research, fire mapping and detection, law enforcement, and natural disaster response.

Applied Biotechnology Institute, San Luis Obispo, Calif., $99,983.  This project will determine the type and amount of commercial enzymes that, when combined with the maize germ, provide the lowest-cost solution to digest pretreated wood for ethanol production.

ISCA Technologies, Inc., Riverside, Calif., $100,000.  The focus of this project is to finalize the development of an organic method of controlling outbreaks of mountain pine beetle.  If successful, this project could expand into managing outbreaks of other important bark beetle species.

GreenWood Resources, Inc., Portland, Ore., $100,000.  Researchers plan to develop a hybrid poplar that is more water-efficient.  If successful, the decrease in irrigation expense will improve the cost efficiency of sawlog and biomass production.


Small and Mid-Size Farms

N-Ovation, Inc., Savanna, Ill., $99,598.  The objective of this project is to develop an efficient on-farm fertilizer manufacturing system that uses renewable energy sources.  This system will replace an environmentally-unfriendly ammonia process.

ISCA Technologies, Inc., Riverside, Calif., $100,000.  The goal of this project is to protect Hawaiian small farm production by efficiently controlling the Bactrocera fruit fly.

Greenwood Clean Energy, Inc., Bellevue, Wash., $97,640.  Researchers will determine if they can develop a way to reduce the size of particulate emissions from small wood-fired boilers while only negligibly affecting operational cost and maintenance.

Farmhand Foods, LLC, Durham, N.C., $99,860.  This project aims to develop effective business and marketing strategies that create market opportunities for small-scale livestock producers.

Top 10 Produce LLC, Salinas, Calif., $100,000.  This project aims to make GS1 traceability technology available to small and mid-sized farmers so their customers can search for products with particular characteristics and use a “click-to-pay” feature on a cell phone.
Highest Wind, LLC, Charleston, S.C., $100,000.  Researchers will develop a tethered glider system that can reliably and cost-effectively produce energy from winds hundreds of feed aloft.  The scale of this system is uniquely suited for small and mid-sized farms.

Hevva Corp., Madison, Wisc., $100,000.  This project will examine the viability of real-time price sheet marketing by comparing print, Internet, and mobile applications to determine the most cost effective medium.


Plant Production and Protection -Engineering

TDA Research, Inc., Wheat Ridge, Colo., $100,000.  Researchers will develop an ambient temperature oxidation catalyst to control ethylene in fresh fruit shipping containers.

ISCA Technologies, Inc., Riverside, Calif., $100,000.  This project will use nanotechnology to create a dual-mode detection platform that provides real-time, in-the-field reports on pathogens and contaminants related to the Citrus tristeza virus.

Exactheat LLC, Battle Creek, Mich., $93,011.  This project will develop a reliable way to connect electrodes to polymer-based heating elements.  The goal is provide a more efficient method of heating the soil and seedlings while reducing the risks inherent to heating methods.

WISER Systems, Inc., Raleigh, N.C., $100,000.  Researchers will investigate the feasibility and development a track-and-trace system that will ensure source authentication and reduce the costs associated with product recall.

Geo_Spider, Inc., Gainesville, Fla., $99,023.  This project aims to develop over-the-top citrus harvesting equipment that will improve the ability to harvest within the tree canopy.

AgSquared, LLC, Washington, DC, $100,000.  This project aims to develop software that will allow specialty crop producers to collect accurate and timely crop harvest information.


Plant Production and Protection - Biology

Cibus US, LLC, San Diego, Calif., $99,980.  Researchers aim to identify and sequence a plant line that will serve as the initial parent for identifying mutations associated with disease tolerance in tomato plants and confirm that the disease screen can efficiently distinguish resistant from sensitive plants.

Vestaron Corporation, Kalamazoo, Mich., $95,583.  Researchers propose to enhance the delivery of a new class of insecticidal peptides from the Blue Mountains funnel-web spider.

ISCA Technologies, Inc., Riverside, Calif., $100,000.  Researchers will investigate the feasibility of developing semiochemicals to manage the potato psyllid, which is the vector of the bacterium that causes the “zebra chip” pathogen in potatoes.

Maureen Mieko Masuda Fitch, Aiea, Hawaii, $100,000.  This project will evaluate the feasibility of commercializing Anthurium plants that have been genetically engineered to resist nematodes.

Mycosynthetix, Inc., Hillsborough, N.C., $100,000.  The goal of this project is to produce the organic herbicide Mevalocidin to levels that will enable the fermentation material to be a cost-effective option for organic farmers.

Agri-Analysis LLC, West Sacramento, Calif., $100,000.  Portable devices will enable antibodies to provide quick and affordable diagnosis of viruses to grapevines and other plants before disease manifestation.  These devices may be used both in the field and in the laboratory.  A long-term goal is to explore possible applications for pest neutralization and eradication after they have infected the host plant. 

Diagenetix Inc., Honolulu, Hawaii, $99,778.  This project will demonstrate new techniques for in-the-field detection of pathogens, with user-friendly data management and reporting for the agricultural and food processing industries.


Animal Production and Protection

BioLink Life Sciences, Inc., Cary, N.C., $97,215.  Researchers will investigate enhanced hemoglobin production in neonatal piglets.

Sea Star International, LLC, Fayetteville, Ark., $99,512.  Researchers will work to produce a new vaccine for poultry that is both effective in the prevention of Salmonella and affordable for poultry producers.

Pathovacs Incorporated, Ames, Iowa, $99,750.  The goal of this project is to help ensure a safer food supply by producing effective, broadly protective chicken Campylobacter vaccines.

Owl Biomedical, Inc., Goleta, Calif., $100,000.  This project will develop a high-speed, inexpensive cell sorting system used for gender selection in agricultural breeding programs.  If successful, the project would also yield a platform that may be applicable to other breeding programs of agricultural importance.

Pan Genome Systems, Inc., Madison, Wisc., $99,682.  Researchers aim to develop more effective live vaccines to reduce Johne’s disease in livestock.

Q-TRACK Corp., Huntsville, Ala., $100,000.  This project aims to evaluate the feasibility of a low-frequency real-time location system in milk operations.

EUREKA GENOMICS Corp., Hercules, Calif., $99,782.  Researchers plan to develop a low-cost genotyping services that would help cattle breeders determine the genetic traits of their parent breedstock.


Soil and Water Resources

Mesa Photonics, LLC, Santa Fe, N.M., $99,999.  This project will develop a reliable ammonia monitor for poultry barns that works as well as existing technology, but is less expensive and easier to use.

Skolex Biotechnologies, Alpharetta, Ga., $100,000.  Researchers plan to develop vermiculture to recycle clean components of municipal waste for use on organic farms, in urban and community garden projects, and by residential gardeners.

OndaVia, Inc., Hayward, Calif., $100,000.  Researchers will demonstrate the feasibility of a portable system that measures water contaminants using surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy.

Los Gatos Research, Mountain View, Calif., $99,569.  This project will examine a laser-based sensor used for nitrate isotope analysis in water pollution monitoring.

HydroBio, Inc., Santa Fe, N.M., $99,956.  This project will develop an Internet-based service to help growers determine the amount of water (irrigation plus rain) needed to achieve the targeted crop yield.

Kansas Environmental, Salina, Kans., $99,426.  The goal of this project is to remove soluble phosphorus from thin stillage at ethanol plants to produce low-phosphorus livestock feed and a granular fertilizer.
Physical Sciences Inc., Andover, Mass., $100,000.  This project will develop a novel air processor to remove ammonia gas from confined animal feeding operation air streams.


Food Science and Nutrition

HansonTech Consulting, Hudson, Wisc., $100,000.  This project will develop a new type of smokehouse that will control airflow to cook faster, reduce temperature, and decrease color variation.

Modern Meadow, Inc., Columbia, Mo., $92,488.  Researchers intend to show that the technology of bioprinting can be adapted to built meat products that are feasible, economically viable, environmentally practical, and suitable for human consumption.
Orbital Technologies Corp., Madison, Wisc., $100,000.  Researchers will demonstrate the unique characteristics of LED lighting to maximize quality in specialty crop production.

AptoTec, Inc., Athens, Ga., $100,000.  The researchers’ goal is to prevent bone loss and weight gain through a combination of vitamin D and phytochemicals.

UES, Inc., Dayton, Ohio, $100,000.  This project will develop a label-free, real-time, and highly-sensitive system to detect foodborne pathogens in meat processing and packaging facilities.

Prosperity Organic Foods, Inc., Boise, Idaho, $100,000.  Researchers will work to reduce childhood obesity by developing a butter substitute oil blend for baking and one-time sautéing.
Lynntech, Inc., College Station, Texas, $100,000.  The project will develop a simple battery-operated, hand-held system for the rapid detection of mycotoxins.


Rural and Community Development

Krell Energy Efficiency, LLC, Ames, Iowa, $99,939.  The goal of this project is to bring a behavioral and operational-strategy energy efficiency program into rural communities.

Learnimation, LLC, Brooklyn, N.Y., $99,600.  This project will produce a functional prototype of a web-based educational software package.  Telecommunications and distance learning applications may offer a low-cost method of delivering high-quality math and science materials to rural America.

The Julia Group, Santa Monica, Calif., $99,920.  This project aims to develop and test an educational program that integrates computer-assisted mathematics instruction in an American Indian cultural context.

Hubble Telemedical, Inc., Knoxville, Tenn., $99,832.  This project will demonstrate the feasibility of a networked metadata platform to assist in the management of diabetes in rural health disparity communities.

Agri Wind Turbines, Little Rock, Ark., $100,000.  This project will use a modified grain silo to power a vertical-axis wind turbine.


Troutlodge Inc., Sumner, Wash., $84,329.  Researchers will map the mutation in each of two lines of rainbow trout to determine chromosomal location and whether each line carries the same mutation.

Northside Enterprises, Black Creek, Wisc., $99.496.  The project will determine the feasibility of combining hybridization with in-tank fry-fingerling culture to produce food-size walleye in one growing season.

Lindgren-Pitman, Inc., Pompano Beach, Fla., $97,692.  This project involves the design of a mechanical scrubber that can clean all sides of a net in one pass, while eliminating the need for high pressure water.

PhycoBiologics, Inc., Bloomington, Ind., $100,000.  The goal of this project is to develop a low-cost system for extracting algal oils used in fish feeds.

DAST, LLC, Brookings, S.D., $99,500.  This project will develop a process to produce high protein distillers’ dried grain with soluble as a fish meal replacer in aquaculture feeds.

Pemaquid Mussel Farms, LLC, Damariscott, Maine, $99,780.  This project will develop a modular submersible mussel raft for use in semi-exposed Maine waters that are subject to drift ice.

Logos Energy, Inc., St. Louis, Mo., $100,000.  Researchers will test whether feeding transgenic algae/yeast strains will provide shrimp protection from White Spot Syndrome Virus.


Industrial Applications

Piedmont Biofuels Industrial, LLC, Pittsboro, N.C., $99,890.  The goal of this project is to increase biorefinery diversification by developing commercially-viable and sustainable biofuel co-products.

ORGANIX, INC., Walla Walla, Wash., $83,736.  This project will demonstrate technology that will produce usable renewable energy for the farm, control greenhouse gas emissions and odors, reduce the amount of water used in manure management, reduce nutrient overloading, and produce a high-value marketable fiber product.

TDA Research, Inc., Wheat Ridge, Colo., $100,000.  This project will develop and evaluate a new process for converting biomass into green diesel.  The biomass will be converted into pyrolysis oil and then catalytically upgraded to diesel.

Panorama Research, Inc., Sunnyvale, Calif., $98,739.  The project will characterize a gratuitous inducer for industrial enzyme production.

DAST, LLC., Brookings, S.D., $99,875.  Researchers will engineer photosynthetic cyanobacteria to produce an energy-dense fuel farnesene from carbon dioxide.

Technology Holding LLC, Salt Lake City, Utah, $99,997.  Researchers will investigate the technoeconomic feasibility of a new bioprocess to produce fatty acids from lignocellulosic biomass.