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CSREES Awards $2.7 for Integrated Pest Management Research

Grantee Listing

FY 2006 Northeastern IPM Competitive Grants

  • Cornell University, $16,194, “ Potato Varietal Mixtures for Potato Leafhopper Management on Organic Farms.”
  • University of Connecticut, $ 62,412, “Implementation of the IPM and Environmental Education Curriculum.”
  • Cornell University, $79,470, “Reducing Potato Leafhopper (PLH) Impacts on Alfalfa through PLH-Resistant Cultivars Intercropped with Perennial Forage Grass.”
  • Pennsylvania State University, $175,000, “Design and Delivery of IPM Outreach Programs to Low-Income Urban Neighborhoods.”
  • University of Maine, $150,055, “Integrated Pest Management of Pest Ants in the Urban/Suburban Landscape.”
  • Rutgers University, $50,000, “Identification of Host-Plant Attractants for Cranberry Weevil and Cranberry Fruitworm.”
  • Cornell University, $46,196, “A Grower Decision Tool for Optimized Disease Management in Snap and Dry Beans: Development and Implementation.”


FY 2006 North Central IPM Competitive Grants

  • Kansas State University, $77,028, “Can Increased Predator Foraging Efficiency Contribute to More Effective and Cost-Competitive Biological Control Programs in Greenhouses?”
  • University of Illinois, $90,014, “Movement of Rotation-Resistant Western Corn Rootworm Beetles from Soybean Fields to Corn Fields.”
  • University of Nebraska, $89,622, “Predicting Wheat Curl Mite Movement and Wheat Streak Mosaic Virus Spread.”
  • Purdue University, $90,100, “A Bioherbicide for Common Waterhemp and Pigweeds.”
  • University of Illinois, $90,098, “Understanding the Weedy Chenopodium Complex as a First Step toward its IPM.”
  • Kansas State University, $56,619, “Integrated Management of Weeds and Stalk-boring Insects in Sunflower.”
  • University of Minnesota, $41,391, “Meterological-Based Forecasts and Targeted Insecticide Application to Improve Control of Green Peach Aphid.”
  • University of Wisconsin, $80,695, “Decision Making Tools to Accelerate Adoption of Variant Western Corn Rootworm IPM.”
  • University of Illinois, $42,061, “North Central Region Suction Trap Network.”
  • Michigan State University, $30,150, “Educating Growers about Glyphosate Stewardship.”


FY 2006 Southern IPM Competitive Grants Program

  • Texas A & M University, $18,134, “Development of the ‘Elementary Entomology’ Extension Program.”
  • North Carolina State University, $49,164, “Management and Retrieval Systems for Extending IPM Information in Southeastern USA Vegetable Production.”
  • University of Puerto Rico, $73,000, “Biologically-Based Management of the Citrus Leafminer, and Other Key Citrus Nursery Pests in Puerto Rico: A Research and Education Project.”
  • North Carolina State University, $140,213, “Integrated Management of Cucurbit Downy Mildew.”
  • University of Florida, $121,779, “Integrated Management of Bacterial Speck and Bacterial Spot on Tomato.”
  • North Carolina State University, $59,316, “Host Resistance to Balsam Woolly Adelgid in an IPM Strategy for Christmas Trees.”
  • North Carolina State University, $80,000, “Integrated Methods for Sustainable Control of Glyphosate-Resistant Horseweed (Conyza canadensis) and Other Problematic Winter Weeds.”
  • Clemson University, $115,000, “Prescription Brown Rot Management in Peach Based on Site-Specific Fungicide Resistance Profiles in Monilinia fructicola
  • North Carolina State University, $121,824, “Breeding A Better Cover Crop: Development of Allelopathic Rye Cultivars for Use in Sustainable Production Systems.”
  • Texas A & M University, $27,000, “Validation of Fecal NIRS Technology for Tick Management on Range Cattle.”


FY 2006 Western IPM Competitive Grants

  • Oregon State University, $59,031, “Integration of a Modified Strain of BlightBan A506 with Conventional Fire Blight Management.”
  • Montana State University, $151,932, “Wheat Seed Quality Effects on Competitive Ability with Wild Oat.”
  • University of Arizona, $60,000, “Assessment and Implementation of Native Insecticidal Nematodes: An Alternative for Control of Urban Pests.”
  • University of Hawaii, $40,000, “Environmental-Friendly Strategies for Management of Mealybugs, Ants, Ampeloviruses, and Mealybug Wilt of Pineapple.”
  • University of California-Riverside, $117,160, “Economic Analysis of Host-Based Poultry Ectoparasite Control.”
  • Oregon State University, $179,980, “Effect of Primary Tillage Sequence, Insecticides, and Weed Seed Placement on Seed Predator Conservation, Efficacy, and Weed Emergence.”
  • Colorado State University, $45,056, “Development and Deployment of an Electronic, Multi-Access Key for Diagnosing Disease, Arthropod and Abiotic Problems of Small Grains.”


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