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USDA Requesting Nominations for National Agricultural Research, Extension, Education, and Economics Advisory Board

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) is requesting nominations to fill 10 slots on the National Agricultural Research, Extension, Education, and Economics Advisory Board (NAREEEAB) for one three-year term. The Federal Agricultural Improvement and Reform Act of 1996 (also referred to as the 1996 farm bill) established the NAREEEAB to provide advice to the Secretary of Agriculture and land-grant colleges and universities on national priorities and policies related to agricultural research, education, extension, and economics.

The NAREEEAB is composed of 31 members, each representing a specific area of expertise or affiliation, as specified in the 1996 farm bill as amended. Members serve staggered appointments so that every year approximately one-third of the total 31 members are appointed.

The vacant categories are:

  • Category B. Farm Cooperatives
  • Category D. Plant Commodity Producers
  • Category G. National Aquaculture Association
  • Category J. National Food Science Organization
  • Category L. National Nutritional Science Society
  • Category M. 1862 Land-Grant Colleges and Universities
  • Category S. Member of Scientific Community not closely associated with Agriculture
  • Category BB. An Agency of USDA that Lacks Research Capabilities
  • Category CC. Research Agency of the Federal Government Other than USDA
  • Category EE. National Organizations directly concerned with Agricultural Research, Education, and Extension

To be considered for membership, a completed Advisory Committee Membership Background Information form AD-755 for each nominee and a nomination letter must be either 1) mailed with a postmark or 2) received via fax, no later than Friday, July 29, 2005.

The fax number is: 202-720-6199

The mailing address is:

Office of the Advisory Board — Nominations
U.S. Department of Agriculture
Research, Education, and Economics
Jamie L. Whitten Building, Room 344-A
1400 Independence Avenue, S.W.
Washington, D.C. 20250-2255

We suggest faxing the nomination package as soon as possible and sending the original by “express mail.” Due to Federal Government mail handling procedures, our standard mail may be delayed considerably.

In the nomination letter, it is important to indicate the board membership category or categories that the nominee is most qualified to fill.

Copies of the following related documents are available online:

  • Advisory Committee Membership Background Information (AD-755)
  • The 1996 legislation that established the advisory board
  • List of current board members for fiscal year 2005

For questions regarding nominations, please contact Deborah T. Hanfman, Executive Director of the NAREEEAB or Shirley Morgan-Jordan, Program Coordinator, at 202-720-3684.

Incumbent members may seek re-appointment consideration, but must also provide the same required information materials as the new nominees. The nomination process is thorough, fair, and highly competitive. In appointing members to serve on the advisory board, the Secretary will assure, to the maximum extent practicable, equal representation of public and private sector representatives, as well as a balance of geographic regions across the nation.

USDA plans to complete the nomination process in August 2005, and appointments to the board will be made by the Secretary in September 2005. The effective date for service on the board is October 1, 2005. A full board meeting is being held October 18-20, 2005 in Washington, D.C., with an orientation session scheduled for new members on October 18.