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Agency Requests Stakeholder and Public Comments on SAES Competitive Research Implementation Plan

The State Agricultural Experiment Station (SAES) Competitive Research Implementation Plan was developed by CSREES agency program staff and national program leaders to implement the SAES-Competitive Grants Program consistent with the President’s FY 2006 budget. The implementation plan described here was developed in response to the President's FY 2006 budget, and until the 2006 appropriation bill is signed by the President, CSREES must plan for implementation of the President's budget as proposed. The State Agricultural Experiment Station – Competitive Programs (SAES-CP) committee was appointed in March 2005 to serve as a think tank and to begin the process of developing an implementation plan for the proposed SAES-CP funding line. The committee met regularly every Tuesday from March through May, with the intent of developing a preliminary implementation plan that would continue the vital functions of the State Agricultural Experiment Stations through competitive funding processes.

The first draft of the preliminary plan was completed in early June and distributed to CSREES staff for comment through two listening sessions and written comments. Those comments were reviewed and many were incorporated into the next draft of the Implementation Plan. The proposed draft plan was placed on our web site so that comments could be received and the plan improved. If the program is not funded, we will, of course, not implement the plan. It is likely that this or a similar proposal may appear in future budget proposals. If this occurs, CSREES will need to present an implementation plan and it should be one that has been improved by comments from stakeholders.

The State Agricultural Experiment Station (SAES) Competitive Research Implementation Plan is presented for stakeholder comments by SAES leadership, faculty in partner institutions, and the interested public. All comments, input, and constructive critique will be reviewed and those that strengthen the Implementation Plan will be incorporated into future drafts of the plan.

Please send comments to arccomments@csrees.usda.gov.