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Advancing the Practice of Food Stamp Nutrition Education Evaluation: Art and Science

July 30-31, 2003; hosted by the Society for Nutrition Education

Conference Proceedings


July 30 Sessions


Moderator: Sue Foerster, California Nutrition Network



Moderator: Susan Nitzke, University of Wisconsin-Madison


Session 1 - Potential FSNE Outcome Measures

Moderator: Carol Olander

Objective: Gain greater collective understanding of outcome measures
Process: Guided discussion, including examples of outcome measures
Output: List of potential outcome measures


Session 2 - Automated Web-based Data Collection Systems

Moderator: Joanne Guthrie

Objective: Develop understanding of data collection systems, their challenges and opportunities
Process: Stand-alone computer stations with demonstrations of some examples of web-based data collection systems, participants free to browse stations
Output: Identification of systems in development or in place that could be adapted for State use in FSNE


July 31 Session

Session 3 - How Program Reporting Systems Can Support Evaluation

Moderator: Sue Foerster


Session 4 - Linking Process Strategies and Outcomes

Moderator: Eileen Stommes, USDA/ERS

Session 5 - Collaborative Research and Developing Process Measures to Support Evaluation of Community Nutrition Education for Low Income Audiences

Moderator: Helen Chipman

Objective: Develop approaches to partnership building for research and evaluation
Process: Brainstorm program reporting requirements and linkages to research partners
Output: List of potential items to include in reports, suggested list of core elements for national use, optional state/regional elements. Most productive partnerships, why, how to encourage effective partnerships


Wrap Up - Where Next?


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