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State Nutrition Program Coordinator Core Competency Tasks

Self-Assessment Rating

List your skill level with regard to core competencies. Use the results to complete Steps 3 through 5 of the Self-Assessment process as outlined on the introduction page. Double click on the link for more information about the core competency.

1. I am aware of this skill.
2. I understand the concepts.
3. I articulate principles.
4. I apply this skill.
5. I integrate into practice.

A. Practice shared, principled leadership

Rate (1-5)

_____  A1. Coach and be coached

_____  A2. Interpret/set/apply policy and procedure

_____  A3. Guide strategic planning

_____  A4. Model professional integrity

_____  A5. Pursue continuous professional development

_____  A6. Maintain cutting edge awareness in core competency areas

_____  A7. Create opportunities, challenge status quo

_____  A8. Facilitate team building

_____  A9. Facilitate organizational change for program and organization success

_____  A10. Promote telling our stories

_____  A11. Interface with academic organizations and community systems

_____  A12. Facilitate and model teamwork

_____  A13. Keep current in the use of technology


B. Provide leadership for statewide programming

_____  B1. Ensure program guidelines are followed

_____  B2. Coordinate program planning including asset mapping and
                 needs assessment

_____  B3. Integrate research into educational programs

_____  B4. Oversee curriculum identification and development

_____  B5. Facilitate culturally sensitive program implementation for behavior change

_____  B6. Coordinate program evaluation

_____  B7. Conduct and/or participate in applied research

_____  B8. Utilize evaluation results for program enhancement

_____  B9. Recognize participant achievement

_____  B10. Ensure compliance


C. Create an environment in which staff can thrive 

_____  C1. Develop and modify a staffing pattern

_____  C2. Create and modify position descriptions

_____  C3. Oversee recruitment and hiring of staff

_____  C4. Ensure organizational orientation

_____  C5. Facilitate initial staff training

_____  C6. Facilitate staff development

_____  C7. Provide for performance management (counseling, coaching, termination,
                 legal issues)

_____  C8. Continually recognize and reward staff

_____  C9. Coach and be coached 


D. Practice stewardship of all resources

_____  D1. Develop operational systems for financial management

_____  D2. Develop budgets

_____  D3. Maintain budgetary communication throughout all levels

_____  D4. Oversee the monitoring of budgets

_____  D5. Ensure compliance and financial accountability and reporting

_____  D6. Authorize expenditures

_____  D7. Provide technical assistance

_____  D8. Seek and secure additional resources

E. Promote synergistic collaborations

_____  E1. Establish relationships with partners with similar goals and visions

_____  E2. Facilitate growth of relationships

_____  E3. Demonstrate the benefits of shared vision

_____  E4. Celebrate, recognize, and reward collaboration

F. Communicate program value with passion

_____  F1. Communicate success internally and externally

_____  F2. Advocate for the audience we serve

_____  F3. Increase awareness of needs and assets

_____  F4. Create loyalty

_____  F5. Tailor messages

_____  F6. Oversee development of marketing tools

_____  F7. Communicate program impact