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Loan Repayment Process

Before the commencement of VMLRP payments, or during lapses in loan repayments due to administrative complications, Leave Without Pay (LWOP), or a break in service, VMLRP participants are wholly responsible for making payments or other arrangements with their lending institutions to keep their loans current (no late fees or penalties).  Penalties and/or fees assessed to participants failing to maintain current payment status may not be considered for reimbursement.

VMLRP payments are not retroactive. Loan repayment will commence only after a VMLRP contract has been executed, which usually occurs on January 1 following the application deadline.  The first VMLRP payment begins 90 days from the start of your VMLRP contract date with verification of your service from your supervisor/hiring official.  You will be notified by email when a VMLRP payment has been issued on your behalf, along with instructions on how to submit a payment verification document.

After each quarterly payment, you must provide payment verification for your loan(s).  This verification can be provided in the form of an account update printed from your lender’s website or a fax of the current account statement for your loan.  This documentation must verify that the most recent loan repayment was credited and show the resulting account balance and current account status.

Subsequent quarterly payments will be made following receipt of payment verification for your loans and verification from your supervisor/hiring official that you have completed the prior period of veterinary service.

Contact us by email if you have questions about your VMLRP repayment schedule or the repayment process.

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For further information contact: VMLRP

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