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Higher Education Multicultural Scholars Program Funding Opportunity (MSP) Success Stories

Higher Education Multicultural Scholars Program (MSP) and Special Experiential Learning Grants (SEL) provide support for student traineeships in (1) Doctors of Veterinary Medicine (D.V.M.) and/or undergraduate level degree programs in food and agricultural sciences; and (2) for Special Experiential Learning (SEL) opportunities for eligible USDA Higher Education Multicultural Scholars. These scholarships are to address national and international needs for training food and agricultural scientists and professionals to have technical and functional competencies for the workplace. The support is for training in these Program Areas of Emphasis: (i) Veterinary Medicine (First Professional Degree in Veterinary Medicine i.e., D.V.M.); (ii) Agricultural Sciences and Engineering for Bioenergy – specifically in agronomy, agricultural process engineering, agricultural biotechnology, and crop science to address the workforce demands for expertise to meet demands of a renewable energy economy; (iii) Natural Resource Sciences Training – particularly transdisciplinary training programs in sciences for food and agricultural sustainability to find solutions for real world issues relating to water, energy, effects of global change on environmental sustainability, and land use management relating to food, feed, energy, and fiber; (iv) Human Sciences Training – specifically addressing the rural/urban interface as it pertains to food and agricultural sciences, including specialty crops and markets and trade, agricultural communication, and the links to economics and social policy; (v) Food Science and Human Nutrition Training – specifically focused on development of food and agricultural science expertise to address diet, health and safety; and (vi) Agrosecurity Science Training – specifically addressing food and agricultural science impacts on animal and crop health, including insect and pest management.

MSP-supported Food and Agricultural Sciences undergraduate level and/or Doctor of Veterinary Medicine training projects, preparing future professionals with options for further academic training or for immediate impacts in the food systems workplace.

MSP program managers are seeking funding-related success stories. Please send your ideas and suggestions to


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