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Reporting Policies and Procedures

Formula Projects

  • Intellectual Property
    The Bayh-Dole Act grants the recipient of a Federal research contract, grant, or cooperative agreement to retain the rights to any resulting inventions so long as the recipient complies with conditions and procedures as specified in the Act.  Inventions include anything which could receive patent and/or plant variety protection, regardless of whether such protection is actually sought.  The conditions and procedures include specific reporting requirements which, among other things, protect the Federal government’s interest in the invention.  NIFA requires invention reporting to be done using the Interagency Edison system.  See the NIFA Intellectual Property  web page for more information on this and other intellectual property issues.
  • Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q:  What is the maximum duration of a Formula Grant research project (i.e., Hatch, Evans-Allen, McIntire-Stennis, Animal Health)?
    A:  The maximum duration of a Formula Grant research project, including extensions, is five (5) years.

    Q:  What is an Extension on a Formula Grant research project?
    A:  Eligible institutions may extend the life of a project for not more than one year beyond the approved estimated completion date, but within the maximum five years, by indicating in REEport that it is extended for one year.  For example, you originally estimate a project for a life of four years.  You may extend for one year without prior permission by indicating in REEport of such.  However, if you originally estimate a project for a life of five years, it may not be extended for an additional year.

    Q:  What if I need more than five years to complete my Formula Grant project?
    A:  You need to renew the project for another period not to exceed five (5) more years, and it will be treated like a new project in REEport with a new Accession number.

    Q:  What if I need to revise a project during the five year project term?   Does it have to stay within the five year term?
    A:  Yes, unless you want to terminate it early and submit it as a new project for another five year term.

    Q:  What happens if I fail to submit a final project report upon termination of my project?
    A:  You will not be eligible have another project approved until that report is received.

    Q:  What is the start date of my Formula Grant project?  When can I start spending Formula Grant dollars on it?
    A:  The start date of the Formula Grant project is the start date you put on the project or the NIFA approval date whichever is later.  You may not spend Formula Grant dollars on unapproved projects.

    Q:  What is a project revision?
    A:  A project revision is a major change in the overarching goals, objectives, and scope of the project which needs the approval of a National Program Leader during the five-year life of the project.

    Q:  I started my project less than a year ago.  Do I have to do a progress report?
    A:  Unless otherwise requested (i.e., for continuation grants), a progress report is due on only those projects that have been in existence for at least 12 months.

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