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Recommendations for Funding MRF Projects in FY 2005

November 9, 2004

TO: Directors, State Agricultural Experiment Stations
FROM: Gary L. Cunningham Associate Administrator, NIFA
SUBJECT: Recommendations for Funding MRF Projects in FY 2005
DEADLINE: January 17, 2005

The Cooperative State Research, Education and Extension Service (NIFA) is requesting your recommendations for funding MRF projects for FY 2005. Please show funding from all sources. You may submit these reports via FAX (202) 401-3481 or email to: bsims@nifa.usda.gov. This promotes prompt and immediate delivery. Please return your recommendations no later than January 17, 2005.

To assist you in making your recommendations on funding MRF projects, the Tentative Target Values for each Station are shown with Base Level To Be Matched, MRF Target Base, National and Regional Trusts assignments.

The following are enclosed to assist you:

1. FY 2005 MRF Tentative Target values including MRF to be matched.

2. Trust Fund Assignments for 2005. We would appreciate it if each Regional Association Chair or Executive Director would check the accuracy of regional trust(s). Please make certain all trusts are listed, dollar amounts are correct, and the recipient institution designated.

3. MRF projects approved for FY 2005 funding or Pending approval.
If applicable, we have included: (a) PENDING projects which have not received final approval by NIFA, and (b) any proposed NRSPs to be reviewed. These proposals have been included with the understanding that if the proposal is not approved, the funds assigned by your station will be reassigned as soon as possible to an eligible MRF project(s).

We have also included a list of projects that have terminated as of September 30, 2004. If these projects are not approved as replacements revisions, or extensions, they will automatically terminate and any funds assigned will need to be reallocated. You are reminded that MRF cannot be assigned to a terminated project or to a project that has not been officially approved by NIFA.

4. Tabular forms for use in preparing estimates. Please complete all columns.


FY 2005 MRF Tentative Allocations (Excel)
FY 2005 MRF Trust Funds (Word Perfect)
FY 2005 MRF Tabular Form (Word Perfect)
Multistate Research Projects Terminating on September 30, 2004 (PDF)
MRF Projects Eligible for FY 2005 Funding (PDF)

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