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Animal Health Research and Disease Program Formula Grant

Animal Health formula grants provided to state institutions support research into the prevention and control of animal diseases affecting agricultural production.

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Regulations, Guidelines, and Policies


Formula Distribution

  • Million-Dollar Table

Annual Allocations:

Year Distribution Redistribution
FY 2007 Authorization Letter  
FY 2008 Authorization Letter  
FY2009 Authorization Letter and 1088  
FY2010 Authorization Letter and 1088  




There are two types of reporting requirements for these funds:

1) Current Research Information System (CRIS) reporting is done on both a project and total program basis. Animal Health research projects are submitted for approval to NIFA by the state institutions. Each year the state institutions submit a program of research to the CRIS office listing all the approved Animal Health projects they will support with their current allocation of Animal Health funds. Each year the state institutions also submit to the CRIS office a progress report and an expenditure report for all the Animal Health projects they supported in the previous year.

2) Financial Reporting includes three types of reports: a) Certification of Offset (Form NIFA-2103) which is completed by the SAES's to certify that matching funds have been made available; b) SF-272, Federal Cash Transaction Report, which is submitted on a quarterly basis through the U.S. Department Health and Human Services' Payment Management System (DHHS-PMS); and c) SF-269, Financial Status Report, which is submitted on an annual basis to the Funds Management Branch by December 31st, for the reporting period of October 1st through September 30th.


Points of Contact


Lisa Stephens
Animal Systems Division

Reporting Contact:

CRIS Reporting
CRIS Office

Fiscal/Administrative Contacts:

Brenda Barnett
Branch Chief/Formula
Awards Management Division
Fax number: 202-690-3002
e-mail: formulagrantquestions@nifa.usda.gov

Arnita Cross
Staff Accountant/Formula
Awards Management Division
Fax number: 202-690-3002
e-mail: formulagrantquestions@nifa.usda.gov

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