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Performance-Based Budget Request

Budget Request
Partners' Plans
& Results

Pages with this graphic describe the NIFA budget-performance cycle. Navigating through this cycle can be accomplished by following the links in the text or by clicking on the various components of the graphic above.

The Starting Point - The Appropriation

While a cycle does not have beginning or end, for this discussion, the Federal budget both begins and ends the NIFA budget-performance cycle. It begins it when the annual appropriations are received, resulting in funds that NIFA grants through competitive, formula, and other grants to universities, small businesses, non-profit organizations, other entities, and individuals for research, education, and extension activities. These grants move recipients to the next part of the cycle, Partners Plans and Results.

The President's Budget

The annual President's budget request to Congress is an endpoint in this discussion of the budget-performance cycle because it reflects the output of action, reporting, evaluation, and planning described by the rest of the cycle. Again, it is not really an endpoint, but a continuum linking the cycle to the next appropriation. However, the reason for concluding the discussion here is that the President's budget synthesizes the concepts and results generated in the other portions of the cycle.

NIFA prepares its portions of the President's budget request at the direction of the White House Office of Management and Budget (OMB) and the USDA Office of Budget and Program Analysis (OBPA). The NIFA Budget Office has primary responsibility within NIFA for the budget but the Office of Planning and Accountability (OPA) is responsible for the performance portions of the agency budget.

NIFA's budget request must include the following performance-based components:

  • It must align with NIFA's Strategic Plan and support the USDA and NIFA missions
  • It must describe accomplishments achieved from prior funding and accomplishments expected at the proposed funding level (see Outcomes).
  • Proposals for increases must describe in concrete terms what the new or additional funds are expected to achieve (see Outcomes).
  • It must include performance measures (see OMB Assessment).
  • It must describe the results from PART evaluations and progress on performance improvement plans (see OMB Assessment).