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A National View on Accountability


I am hoping that you can share the 2 graphs that show the NIFA budget, and the budget adjusted for inflation.

Response: They are posted on the Reporting Web Conference site ( with all the slides for the presentations.


Are you suggesting with your solar example that we use the results of a single county to explain the impacts in potential statewide terms-- even if we don't have that information.

Response: I presented an example for an outcome reported in the Annual Report document the dollar value benefit for a soil test. It was reported for a single county, and so the dollar value was rather small. For illustrative purposes, I scaled the value up to the state level, where the benefit was a couple of million dollars, to the regional level (based on the presumption that a soil test is regionally relevant), where the benefit calculated to about $25M.  I did this to demonstrate the value of aggregating to the regional or national level where possible. I did not mean to suggest that we should extrapolate such numbers as I did without a sound basis for so doing.


Is it possible for states to have access to Outcomes Spreadsheets that contain only 'graded' examples of acceptable knowledge, action, and condition outcomes?  It would be very beneficial to have such a resource for use by our state planned program teams.

Response:  NIFA is preparing an annual report accomplishments document, intended as an annual report on the entirety of the AREERA formula funds, but which will also provide examples of noteworthy outcomes across a range of topics.  Also, NIFA National Program Leaders are an expert resource regarding outcomes for their program areas and can be consulted for guidance.

The National Program Leader Perspective


No questions were received.