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RWC Questions & Answers June 2008

Standard Progress Report


Is there a state-level dashboard planned with similar analytical tools, i.e. trend data? If so, do you have an estimated deployment date? When will the system be available to Directors?

Response: We plan a state-level rollout (for our external Partners) of the Dashboard. Our Executive Committee will be meeting – very shortly - to determine the estimated deployment date.


What is the process for [NPLs] gaining access to and creating our LMD?

Response: We have a defined process for NPL’s to gain access to our LMD. The user submits an IT Services Request Form to our IT Services Desk – requesting that an LMD Account be established. Once the account is established – the NPL – will gain access to their tailored Dashboard.


How do you plan to address redundancies with the ECOP Excellence in Extension initiative?

Response: The ECOP Excellence in Extension initiative is an effort to develop measures of excellence for the Extension system at the state and system level with a target audience at the state and university level. Extension in this context is broader than what is funded by NIFA and the goals differ from what is needed by NIFA. NIFA is interested in working with the Extension system to find ways to join the many local Extension outcomes together to portray a picture describing the national impact of Extension. As part of this NIFA is coordinating with the Excellence in Extension workgroup and is looking for opportunities to join the efforts. However, NIFA and the Excellence in Extension workgroup believe our efforts are complimentary instead of redundant given our differing goals and audiences.