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Federal Benefits Matrix

Civil Service Retirement System Offset (CSRS Offset)

Eligibility Credit/Changes Other Cost

Coverage for all employees with vested service (5 years of service which includes service covered by the CSRS retirement program) that have a break of 365 days or more and return to the government in a position covered by the Federal Retirement System. 

Retirement eligibility is the same as CSRS.


Deposit is money paid for nondeducted service that is creditable for retirement. 

Nondeduction service is service not covered by CSRS or FERS retirement deductions (generally temp., indef., or WAE service). 

A deposit due is the amount that would have been contributed to the Fund, plus interest. 

Redeposit service is creditable service and the employee received a refund of  retirement contributions after they separate. 

Military deposit service is time served in the military for which a deposit may be required in order to receive service credit towards retirement.

CSRS service before 10/1/82 is creditable for eligibility & annuity computation. If deposit is not made, the annuity is reduced by 10% of deposit due. 

CSRS service after 9/30/82 is creditable for retirement eligibility. If deposit is not made, service is not creditable for annuity computation. 

See additional information under CSRS.

CSRS-Offset (1999):
Agency - 8.51% 
OASDI - 6.2% 
Medicare - 1.45% for Employee/ Agency 

CSRS-Offset (2000 to Present):
Employee - 1.2% 
Agency - 8.51% 
OASDI - 6.2% for Employee/ Agency 

Medicare - 1.45% for Employee/ Agency 
See additional information under CSRS for Deposits and Redeposits.

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