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Federal Benefits Matrix

Federal Employees Retirement System (FERS)

Eligibility Credit/Changes Other Cost

Coverage for all new hires after 1/1/87 not placed as CSRS-Offset and all employees hired after 12/31/83 with no prior service. 

Voluntary (Unreduced):
MRA w/30 years Age 60 w/20 years Age 62 w/5 years 

Voluntary (Reduced):
MRA - 10 years but less than 30 years 

(Unreduced): Payable at MRA w/30 years 

Payable at MRA w/10 years but less than 30 years 

Early (Optional) and Disc. Service (Invol.): 
Age 50 w/20 years 
Any Age w/25 years 

Any Age with at least 18 months service 

Note:  Reduction is 5%  for each year under age 62.  No reduction for Early or Discontinued Service Retirement

Employees are given credit for all time on the rolls that FERS retirement deductions were made. Deductions  that were refunded to an employee when he/she resigns is no longer creditable service.  You cannot re-deposit the money at a later date. 

Service credit is reduced if an employee has more than 6 months of leave without pay in a calendar year. 

Credit for intermittent or WAE service is credited based on actual days/hours worked when converted to the 260 day/2087 hour conversion charts. 

Part time service performed after 4/6/86 is credited on a prorated basis for annuity purposes.

See credit/changes column under CSRS/FERS Interim for information on Deemed FERS. 

Periods of service covered by OWCP are creditable IF an individual returns to a position/ appointment with coverage under the retirement system. 

Nondeduction service is service not covered by FERS retirement deductions and other service that is not eligible for FERS retirement.  Note: Nondeduction service performed before 1/1/89 is creditable if a deposit is made. 

Nondeduction service performed on or after 1/1/89, except for Peace Corp and VISTA volunteer service, is not creditable for any retirement purposes. 

FERS Annuity - Voluntary retirements commence only on the 1st of the month. 

Postponed FERS annuities commence on any day after the first day of any month following separation, up to and including the second day before the employee’s 62nd birthday.

Year 2004 to Present

Employee - .8%
Agency - 11.9%
OASDI - for Employee and Agency - 6.2%
Medicare - 1.45% for Employee and Agency.

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