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Federal Benefits Matrix

Federal Employees' Group Life Insurance (FEGLI) Program

Benefit Eligibility Credit/Changes Other Cost

BASIC coverage - equal to the annual basic salary rounded up to the next $1,000, plus $2,000; 

Option A- Standard is an additional $10,000; 

Option B- Additional - employee can elect up to 5 times the basic pay amount, 

Option C-Family $2,500 coverage for children and $5,000 for spouses in multiples of up to 5 times the amount. 

New hires are automatically covered by BASIC life insurance if a waiver is not submitted within the first pay period. 

Employees have 31 days, from the effective date of their appointment to enroll in Option A, Option B, and Option C.  They must complete an SF-2817, Life Insurance Election Form, to elect the desired options or to waive the insurance coverage. 

Certain changes may be made as a result of a life event change.  See SF-2817 for table of changes in life insurance election. 

Waivers of insurance can be canceled under certain circumstances.  See SF-2822 for additional information. 


BASIC life insurance may be continued into retirement if the employee is retiring on an immediate annuity and covered by BASIC life insurance for the 5 years of service immediately preceding retirement or since first opportunity to enroll. 

Optional life insurance can be carried into retirement if the employee is eligible to continue BASIC and held the level of optional life insurance coverage for 5 years immediately preceding retirement or since first opportunity to enroll. 

Retirees at separation must complete SF-2818 documenting their decision to continue BASIC life insurance after age 65, or retirement, if later. 

75% Reduction reduces 2% p/mo at age 65 or retirement; 
50% Reduction reduces 1% p/mo at age 65 or retirement; or 
No Reduction

Upon separation, life insurance coverage is temporarily extended for 31 days at which time the employee may apply for an individual policy. 

Viatical Settlement - became available to any enrollee with a life expectancy of 24 months or less.  The policyholder will receive 60-85% of the face value of the FEGLI policy while he/she is living.  Employee or annuitant must continue to pay the premiums and may not cancel the policy nor designate someone else as beneficiary. 

Living Benefits - available to employees and retirees who have a life expectancy of 9 months or less. Taking a living benefit means that the employee is cashing out their FEGLI while living and the Living Benefit applies only to the BASIC life insurance coverage. (Source is OFEGLI at telephone: 1-800-633-4542). 

Employee and annuitant rates can be found on FEGLI's web site.

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