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Federal Benefits Matrix

Civil Service Retirement System (CSRS)

Eligibility Credit/Changes Other Cost
Coverage for all
permanent, eligible
hires up to 1/1/84.  


Opt (Voluntary):
Age 55 w/30 years 
Age 60 w/20 years 
Age 62 w/5 years 

Early /DSR
Age 50 w/20 years
Any Age w/25

Any age w/5 years 

Age 62 w/5 years 

Note: Reduction
for Early and
Service Retirement
is 2%  for each
year under age 55.

Must meet specific requirements.

Employees are given credit for all time on the rolls. 

Service credit is reduced if an employee has more than 6 months of leave without pay in a calendar year. 

Credit for intermittent or WAE service is credited based on actual days/hours worked when converted to the 260 day/2087 hour/2080 hour conversion charts. 

Part time service performed after 4/6/86 is credited on a prorated basis for annuity purposes. 

Periods of service covered by OWCP are creditable IF an individual returns to a position/appointment with coverage under the retirement system.

Information continues under CSRS OFFSET. 

Separations before 10/1/90 include all service eligible for retirement & eligibility. Redeposits not made are actuarially reduced. 

Separations after 9/30/90 (including disability & death in service) include all paid service creditable for retirement eligibility. If redeposit is not made, service is not creditable for computation purposes. 

CSRS annuity generally begins on the 1st of the month after the employee retires.   May also retire through the 3rd of the next month and the annuity begins the next day.  Annuity starts when pay ceases for employees that were involuntarily separated.

Information continues under CSRS OFFSET.

CSRS Costs (2000):

Employee - 7.4%
Agency     - 8.51%
Medicare  - 1.45% for Employee/Agency

CSRS Costs (2001-9/30/02):

Employee - 7.5%
Agency     - 8.51%
Medicare  - 1.45% for Employee/Agency

CSRS Costs (10/1/02-12/31/02):

Employee - 7.5%
Agency     - 7.5%
Medicare  - 1.45% for Employee/Agency

CSRS Costs (2003 to Present):

Employee - 7.0%
Agency     - 7.0%
Medicare  - 1.45% for Employee/Agency

Interest Charged on CSRS Deposits and Redeposits:  CSRS deposits/redeposits   are subject to interest based on when the service was performed or when the employee applied for a refund.

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