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Federal HR Policies Affecting Schedule A Appointment

Appendix I - Glossary

Agent – the official title of a Cooperative Extension educator/administrator with Federal benefits.

CES – the total Cooperative Extension System made up of NIFA (The Cooperative Stare Research, Education and Extension Service of the Department of Agriculture) and the colleges/universities authorized by the 1862, 1890, and 1994 Federal legislation to provide Cooperative Extension programs.

CES HRD - the Human Resources Division of the individual CES organizations.

CES 436 - Notification of Personnel Action form - the official personnel action form used to process and document personnel actions for CES employees.

CESPIS - Cooperative Extension Service Personnel Information System maintained by the USDA HRD/CES Team. The CESPIS contains information on current professional employees, both program and administrative. It does not include secretarial, nonprofessional (Program Aides and Assistants), or other support employees.

Cooperative Extension Organizations – the Cooperative Extension organizations in colleges/universities authorized by USDA to provide Cooperative Extension programs.

COP – Continuation of Pay.

CPDF - Central Personnel Data File maintained by OPM which includes relevant information on current and former Federal employees.

Creditable Federal service - period of employment that OPM has determined to be creditable Federal service.

NIFA – the Cooperative State Research, Education and Extension Service of the U. S. Department of Agriculture.

Civil Service Retirement System (CSRS) - retirement coverage for permanent Federal employees prior to 1/1/84

COLA - Cost of Living Allowance.

CSRS Offset - retirement coverage for former CSRS employees with at least 5 years of credible Federal service and a break in service of one year or more.

Discontinued Service Retirement (DSR)- involuntary retirement which provides an immediate, possibly reduced, annuity for employees who are separated against their will.

DOL – the Department of Labor and the agency responsible for the Office of Workers Compensation Program (OWCP).

Excepted Appointment – a non-competitive appointment authorized by OPM and delegated to Federal agencies. Section 213.3113 (a) (1) of the Regulations issued by the Office of Personnel Management allows USDA and a Cooperative Extension organization to jointly appoint a Cooperative Extension agent to a Schedule A (Excepted) appointment.

ECOP -  Extension Committee on Organization and Policy.

ESCOP - Experiment Station Committee on Organization and Policy.

Federal Annuitant – a government employee, former and current, who is receiving a retirement annuity from the Federal System.

Federal Appointee - an employee of the CES who also has a Federal Schedule Appointment with the Federal government.

Federal Benefits Updates - updates issued by USDA HRD/CES Team on Federal benefits.

Federal employee - an individual, former or current, who was/is employed by the Federal government.

Federal Policy Updates - updates issued by USDA on the Federal program and related benefits and/or application as it relates to CES.

Federal Employees Retirement System (FERS) - the Federal retirement system implemented 1/1/86 and coverage for all new hires with no prior or service, or less than five years of creditable service who started working after 1/1/84.

FEGLI - Federal Employee's Group Life Insurance program that provides life insurance to for all qualified employees.

FEHB - Federal Employee Health Benefits program that provides health insurance coverage for all qualified employees.

FICA - Federal Insurance Contributions Act taxes for the Social Security System.

FLTCIP - Federal Long Term Care Insurance Program that provides long term care to all qualified employees.

FLTCIP Partners - the insurance companies responsible for the FLTCIP.

FOI - Freedom of Information laws assist us in determining what can be shared with us and provides information on the types of information that can be shared with others.

HIT - Hospital Insurance Tax for the Medicare portion of the Social Security System

HRD/CES – the Human Resources Division, USDA/ARS, responsible for providing day to day guidance and USDA and OPM policies and procedures.

LTC - an individual insurance plan separate from the FEHB that provides for long term care.

LWOP – Leave Without Pay.

NASULGC – National Association of State Universities and Land-Grant Colleges.

NFC - the National Finance Center of USDA. The USDA organization that processes personnel actions, payroll, and, other related benefit cost and payment.

NPRC - the National Personnel Records Center . The depository for information and OPF's on former Federal employees.

OASDI - Old Age, Survivors, and Disability Insurance taxes for the Social Security System.

OPF – Official Personnel Folder. The folder that includes information on an individuals' employee's Federal employment.

OPM – the Federal Office of Personnel Management.

OWCP – Office of Workers' Compensation Programs.

Privacy Act - the laws that protect the release and review of an individuals personal information.

Promotion – movement to a higher level position or an increase in responsibility which is supported by an increase in salary.

PRS - Personnel Reporting System for the CES organizations which includes the use of the CES-436 Notification of Personnel Actions and the CESPIS data base.

Reappointment – appointment of an individual who was previously on a Federal appointment.

Reassignment – movement to another position that does not involve a change in level or salary.

REE - Research, Education and Economics mission area of USDA.

Re-employed Annuitant – appointment of an individual who is a Federal Annuitant.

Resignation – a voluntary departure form the Cooperative Extension organization.

SCD – Service Computation Date.

Schedule A Appointment 213.331(a)(1) - a Federally excepted appointment authority which provides for a joint appointment with the Cooperative Extension organization in a Land-Grant College/University and the U. S. Department of Agriculture.

SF-50 Notification of Personnel Action - personnel action form used by many Federal agencies to document the personnel actions for their government employees. CES does not use the SF-50.

TCC – Temporary Continuation of Coverage of an employee's health benefits.

Thrift Savings Plan (TSP) - a part of the FERS retirement plan whereby the employee can set aside a portion of his/her salary for use when they retire.

USDA – U. S. Department of Agriculture.

Voluntary Early Retirement Authority (VERA) - authority issued by OPM authorizing an early retirement opportunity for qualified Federal employees.


For questions and additional information regarding the Federal Employees Workers’ Compensation Program (OWCP), contact the University/College Workers’ Compensation Specialist or the USDA HRD/CES Team.

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