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2006 NIFA Hall of Fame


Daniel Godfrey

In a 40-year career, Daniel D. Godfrey has worked at every level of the Land-Grant University System, from county agent to dean of the College of Agriculture; Extension Administrator and Research Director at North Carolina A&T University until his retirement. In 2003, Godfrey stepped out of retirement to serve as panel manager for the first 3 years of NIFA's administration of the Outreach and Assistance for Socially Disadvantaged Farmers and Ranchers, commonly known as the 2501 Program. His excellent work helped NIFA get this important program off to a good start. NIFA is indebted to Godfrey for his tireless work on behalf of our agency as well as his dedication to the overall research, education, and extension mission. His career has touched countless lives from the county, state, regional, and national levels, and Godfrey has helped NIFA in immeasurable ways by offering his wise counsel and supportive presence whenever called upon.

Allan D. Goecker

Allan D. Goecker has been a significant contributor to NIFA efforts in the area of human capital development. Goecker played a key role in persuading USDA in 1980 to initiate the first national study on the availability and demand for baccalaureate, master's, and doctoral graduates in the various food and agricultural sciences. The tremendous success of this effort resulted in him serving as the senior researcher and author of an ongoing series of “Employment Opportunities” studies and reports every 5 years. While serving in an Interagency Personnel Act position with USDA, he laid out a conceptual plan for the National Needs Graduate Fellowships Grants and the Challenge Grants Programs. For the past 25 years, he has worked tirelessly to ensure valid, reliable research that NIFA has used to monitor human capital trends and issues. Goecker's foresight, leadership, and dedicated service have enabled NIFA to partner with the university system to assure our Nation of essential scientists, technology transfer specialists, educators, and business leaders.