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Animal Well-Being
Animal well-being is a complex issue. It involves philosophical, emotional, religious, political, and practical elements. NIFA's goal in addressing animal well-being is to provide America with abundant, safe, nutritious, and affordable food animal products, produced in ways that respect animals and the environment.

Evaluating farm animal well-being is essential to the food animal industry and scientific communities. Scientists seek to understand how to best measure well-being in animals used in the agricultural sector for food, fiber, research, and experimentation and to improve methods of enhancing their comfort and well-being. For example, scientists may study animals in different environmental conditions, such as temperature, humidity, duration of daylight, bedding, size and shape of living quarters, or the number of other animals sharing an environment. They may also investigate how animals react both behaviorally and biologically to stressful situations--such as in transport or when animals must be constrained. This understanding is important whether working with animals as pets, livestock, or wildlife to ensure their safety and well-being, as well as that of their human caretakers.
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